Thursday, March 14, 2013

Way way behind

If I look at the calendar, it says I've been delinquent on posting pictures for over a year.  Matter of fact, I believe I'm so behind that the initial pictures I'm posting are from before my last blog post time.  Not that it is much of an excuse, but we have been very busy.  In that time, Sarah has started back to work.  At the time it was more part-time, on the order of 20-30 hours a week, since then, it's even more, in the 30 hours+ timeframe.  In the first part of 2012, Elizabeth had a morning and an afternoon preschool, and Sarah would switch her at lunch time.  It made for a lot of hectic days. 

One such break from our normal schedule was get away to Atlanta for a weekend in January.  I had a training course the following week, so I brought the family down and we hung out with our friends the Scherrers.  Our kids love art, so they took us to the Purple Hippo Art Studio in a suburb of Atlanta.

Vanessa really wants to draw her own version of the purple hippo.
Christina helps Nathan, Cora, Vanessa, and Elizabeth pick out some supplies.
Can't go wrong with a place to paint whatever you want and have someone else clean up the mess.
Our introverts were very hard at work.
Even Sarah got in on the action.
Elizabeth decided to paint on the easel as well.
Once we got back to the Scherrers, it was time for dress up.  Here Cinderella, wedding day Rapunzel, and Snow White have some fun.
And what trip to Atlanta would be complete without a trip to their fabulous aquarium?
Vanessa is chilling with the penguins.

And whale sharks are just as amazing the second time around.

After the family went home, I had a little bit of time to explore Atlanta after class.  Where did I go?  To the original Chick-fil-a, aka the Dwarf House.
Yes you can fit through that door.

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