Sunday, March 24, 2013

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and some stage work

Almost caught up through the end of 2012.  First off is some pictures of Vanessa and Elizabeth at Halloween.
Vanessa went as a witch and Elizabeth as a fairy.  I believe both were going as agents of good, not evil.
At Thanksgiving we got both sets of my siblings and sibling-in-laws at my parents.  Here Aunt Joanna reads to Elizabeth.
Not to be outdone, Vanessa gets some Uncle Brian reading time.

I think this picture of my mom speaks for itself.
On Thanksgiving, Brian and Sherrie Beres came over with their new daughter Leigha.
Pretty much a neighborhood kids all grown with their own kids picture.

Vanessa and Elizabeth enjoy some Nana snuggling time.

Later in the month, we went to a show DC Speakeasy show.  It had a Price is Right type theme, so wouldn't you know that both Dean and Sarah got called up on stage.

The show was pretty funny, but poor Dean was up there for quite a while.

Dean loses again.

Sarah got called up there, which was just enough to get Dean to win.

Well, he got to play the game, but didn't actually win the game.

Eventually Sarah got to play the last game with her fellow contestant.  She had to listen to a story and write down all the things they heard mentioned in the story.  Then they had to go out in the audience and try to collect those things from the audience.  Sarah ended up winning, though to be fair, she did have several friends in the crowd helping her out. ;)

Not to be outdone by their mom, the girls had their dance recital.  They love their ballet/tap combo class.  We love the fact that they both can do it together.
And here's the video of their portion of the recital:

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