Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring break and Disney World

In case you haven't noticed, there are several pictures of our girls at Disney World (and in a later post at Disneyland).  I'm probably one of the few dads that really enjoys Disney and don't need much of a cause to try to go.  In this case, I had a conference to attend in Orlando over Spring break.  Sarah had to work (and really enjoyed a week by herself at home), so my mom tagged along to watch the girls while I was in the conference.  In addition, my dad drove down for a couple days and we also met up with my Grandma Webb who lives in Florida.  Besides the weekends, I could meet up with the group in the afternoon/early evening.  Some of these pictures are mine, some are my moms, and some are the professional Disney photographers that roam the park.  The first day of the conference, my mom and dad took the girls to Magic Kingdom.

Given that Sarah had made the girls matching Rapunzel costumes for Halloween and that the girls LOVE Rapunzel, you can guess the first person they had to go see.

My mom said Rapunzel was very nice and complimented the girls on their high quality costume.

I think Sarah did a pretty nice job!

The Disney photographer's camera broke down mid shoot, so the girls had to hang out a little big longer with Rapunzel.  I'm sure they hated it.

While wondering around Fantasyland, they ran into Alice.

She demostrated to the girls the proper way to curtsey.

Next up was Pooh's corner.

Elizabeth shows how the well pump works.

Elizabeth really liked the Pooh corner.

Here the girls meet Terence, one of Tinkerbell's friends.

Vanessa is still working on that smile.

Even my mom and dad got to meet Tinkerbell.

The girls really liked her wings.

After the Tinkerbell picture, it was time to get changed and meet up with me for dinner.

The next day, my parents took the girls to Epcot.  At that time, they had a special flower exhibit running.  Both of the girls wanted their picture taken in front of the purple flowers.

Elizabeth takes after her mom in this photo by crossing her toes.

Aren't they cute?

Once I got out of my conference, I was able to meet up with them at the Nemo exhibit.

The next day they took the kids over to Animal Kingdom.  I found them in Dinoland.

Vanessa didn't want to meet Goofy, but Elizabeth did.

Shocking that Elizabeth found Goofy to be a little goofy.

He may be goofy, but he's also very sweet.
The next day they went to Hollywood Studios.  The girls love the giant Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area.
By the end of the week, they were starting to run out of steam.  I had to put pillows in between them so they didn't kick each other.  Or pile on top of each other like puppies.

They decided to take it easy towards the end and have a morning at the pool and water area.
Vanessa liked the autonomy of having a life vest and being a decent swimmer.
Elizabeth gets an early start on being a teenager.
On the last day we met up with my Grandma and did lunch at Cinderella's castle.
Even though she lives an hour away, Grandma had never been in the castle before.
The adult food is a bit overpriced, but the abundance of princesses was a real treat.  Snow White was the first to visit.
You would sit at your table eating and each princess would come by and talk to the kids, sign autographs, and take pictures.  Elizabeth really likes Princess Aurora.
I liked that Belle was wearing her normal clothes instead of the fancy yellow dress.
Ariel was also very nice.
After lunch, we went to the Monster Laugh Floor where audience members can interact with the cast members.  And wouldn't you know that Grandma got called upon.  She was an excellent comedic foil.  When asked to think of a number between 1 and 50, she said 65.  The audience thought it was pretty funny.
We also ran into Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.  Prince Naveen was very flirty with Grandma.
Vanessa wanted a picture with her glowstick at night.

And we close our the pictures with a very intense Vanessa and myself during the Buzz Lightyear ride.

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