Thursday, March 14, 2013

Go into your dance

One of the girls favorite activites of late is dancing.  At Vanessa's school they have an annual square dance.  Vanessa got partnered with her friend Thomas.
Thomas makes sure he knows where he's supposed to go.

All ready to dance.

The girls have also started taking ballet lessons together.
It's always much easier to get the girls to the same dance class.
Of course they like to hangout with each other.

If you look closely at these pictures, Elizabeth has several different dance skirts.  She's our little fashionista.
Nothing like being the lead dog in a dance line.
And no, I'm not sure what the stuffed animal is.  Maybe a hamster?
I think dance class has also helped their ability to follow instructions.
And finally, we did head over to Tysons to catch a 3-D showing of Phantom Menace after dance class one time.

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