Monday, May 10, 2010

The calm before the storm...

We have so many things scheduled for the coming few weeks, I can hardly keep up with them in my head even with the use of a calendar. I'm much more used to our rather slow pace at home. We just spent a couple weeks in potty training with Elizabeth, so I've spent even more time at home than usual. But Elizabeth's doing great with the potty and now we're venturing out again. Well, even though I can't really remember exactly what we're doing when, I can't wait to do all of it! Woohoo, bring on the summer!

Elizabeth gets a turn with Dean's storytelling.
We're still in a big dress-up phase. Grace came over to join in the fun.

Just another picture of dress-up!

Elizabeth and Daddy take a cuddle break.

Trying to fill their parents' shoes.

Vanessa was excited to be able to visit with Grace for a birthday party. Vanessa wore her flower girl dress. Aside from playing with Grace and (after getting over a bit of shyness) the other kids, the best part for Vanessa was the cupcake decoration (and consumption)!

Well, and you can always win Vanessa's heart with some grapes and strawberries!

I took this picture of Elizabeth the other day just as a reminder to me why I spend so much time cleaning up under the table -- it's all for them! I mean, just look at those cute little toes!