Friday, December 29, 2006

A few new tricks

James and I think Vanessa has grown so much over the past week or so.

She can push with her legs to stand up, with assistance for balance. She can sit up by herself for a few seconds before falling one way or the other. Also, she can grab objects and put them in her mouth! That's one of those developmental stages that is a mixed blessing, I guess. She still hates being on her tummy, so we imagine crawling is a long way off.

We can't wait to see what comes next! We have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and we'll find out her weight and height.

Holiday visits from friends

We are really lucky to get to have seen some friends in the past few days whom we haven't seen in a while, and really miss! Vanessa got to see them for the first time.

Sara is going to have her own baby girl soon! Oh, we are so excited.

Janet just graduated from seminary school. In this picture, Vanessa is looking at Janet's husband, Ryan.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Vanessa really enjoyed her first Christmas. She got some great presents from Santa and family in the morning and in the afternoon got to meet Greg and Christina's baby Nathan, who isn't so much of a baby anymore.

Grandpa got to hold Vanessa at the breakfast table.
Vanessa decided to show him her standing trick.

Vanessa got a special ornament with her name on it.

Mom and Nana show Vanessa her baby grand piano. Daddy is very jealous that Vanessa got a baby grand before he did.

Vanessa opens her present from Santa, well she watches at Mom opens it for her.

Vanessa really likes her playmat from Santa!

Who is that in the mirror? It's Vanessa!

Mommy and Grandpa model their Christmas stocks. Very stylish.

Vanessa demonstrates to Daddy at the Christmas table that not only can she pick up his napkin, she can throw it on the floor. I think she's going to like that game for a long time.

Nathan doesn't like his Mom holding another baby. This is good practice for him since he has a new niece that is on her way.

Daddy, why isn't Mommy holding me?

Nathan is much more comfortable with Vanessa when she's in car seat instead of in Mom's arms.

Vanessa's First Christmas Eve

Vanessa enjoyed her first Christmas Eve at Nana's house with her parents, her Grandpa John and Nana Karen, Great Grandparents Lou and Phil, and her Uncle Brian and Aunt Joanna. Vanessa was sporting a matching red pajama and Santa hat set for the beginning part of Christmas Eve. The hat soon annoyed her though and was promptly removed.

This picture is technically from the day before Christmas Eve as Vanessa discovers that Grandma Lou's fingers aren't very tasty.

Great Grandma Lou sure loves her little great granddaughter.

Aunt Joanna tries to get Vanessa to play her SO BIG game where she sits up in your lap.

Vanessa, aren't you a little young to be counting cards?

Uncle Brian realizes he got an early Christmas present from Vanessa.

Christmas Photo Shoot

We tried to take some Christmas poses of Vanessa in one of her holiday outfits with only a modest degree of success.
Vanessa actually smiled for the first one.
Her cheeks have gotten SO chubby lately.

I see the camera Mommy, but I'm much more interested in what's to the left of it.Mom, you've got to stop taking pictures of me, you've got a whole website full of them.

Enough of this Mom, I'm going to make a silly face.

Old friends visit

Vanessa got visited by James' long time elementary school friends (Johnny and Greg) and their respective wives (Liz and Christina).

Johnny demonstrates how to hold a sleeping baby.

Greg and Christina meet Vanessa for the first time.
Liz shows Vanessa the Christmas decorations.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Great grandparents and a jumperoo

So Vanessa has had a busy couple of days. She got to meet her great grandparents from her Nana's side for the first time and got to play with a new toy. What fun!

Vanessa meets her Great Grandma Lou for the first time while Nana wonders when it's her turn to hold the baby.

What, more pictures? Don't we have enough of those Daddy?

Grandpa tries to teach Vanessa how to shake hands. Or maybe it's a build up to the Michigan fight song.

Vanessa meets Great Grandpa Phil for the first time.

Great Grandpa Phil shows her the right way to sing the Michigan fight song.

Uh-oh, here's that crazy Nana person again.

Well, maybe that Nana person is alright after all...

Lily checks out a sleeping Vanessa. I don't think she's gotten over another cute thing in her house taking away some of her attention...

Sarah and I finally realized that Vanessa was big enough for the Jumperoo that Gina gave us. She loves it!

Vanessa thinks Daddy is a little weird, but amusing. She also wonders if Daddy's ever going to give up his psychedelic baby blanket from the 70s.

You can tell Daddy loves Vanessa SOOO MUCH!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Feliz Navidad Fiesta!

Vanessa has had a busy week! She has been battling her first cold, poor thing. With the exception of those times when I try to clear her nose out with saline drops and an aspirator, she's been handling her congestion with an undaunted cheerfulness.

My cousin Tasha visited on Friday to do some Christmas shopping with Vanessa and me. We had a very productive day out at the mall. I really enjoyed catching up with my cousin!

We had our Feliz Navidad Fiesta on Saturday. We had lots of friends and family visit, eat tacos, watch football, play Cranium, and make gingerbread houses with us. Vanessa enjoyed being held by all kinds of friendly people. She definitely bonded with our friend Hannah, whom she met for the first time, and got lots of hugs from family and friends.

Vanessa with my cousin Tasha on Friday.

I tell you, I leave them alone for two minutes...

James and Dean made some prototypes of gingerbread houses on Friday.

At the party, Justin got some baby holding practice. James and I think he'll make a great daddy one day. We think Jen thinks so too.

Lisa's gingerbread house. All of the gingerbread houses were unique and very cool.

We were excited that Brian and Joanna could make it to our party!
The Jefferson alumns.
The Whitman teachers, Lisa and Jana.
Chris and daughter Lily make an outstanding gingerbread house. I thought that Lily saying "Oh, she's so cute" about Vanessa was one of the cutest things ever.

Vanessa loves her new swing. She takes those kinds of long naps in it that feel like gifts to mommy. Thanks Duc, for the swing!

Vanessa just loves her aunt Heather!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Old picture

Jake mentioned a while ago that I ought to Photoshop a picture of him and/or his family in with a picture of Vanessa, since it will be a while before they get to see her. Well, this picture doesn't have Vanessa in it, having been taken a couple of years ago. Still, when I came across it, I liked it so much I wanted to post it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Grandma, Heather, and Terry visit

We were excited to get a visit from Grandma, Heather, and Terry on Sunday. They had just been holiday shopping, but they wouldn't say what they had gotten for Vanessa!

Vanessa is improving her tummy time exercises.
Grandma pats a yawning Vanessa.