Thursday, March 14, 2013

Preschool friends and parties

As I mentioned earlier, Elizabeth pulled double preschool duty while Sarah started working again.  She really enjoyed her Prince of Peace class, which was her only preschool class until Sarah started work.  Here they are at Christmas time having a fun snack.
Elizabeth always enjoyed Mrs. Wentzel's class.

She seems surprised by something here.

One of Elizabeth's friends in her class named Jaslyn had a birthday party at My Gym. 
Vanessa even got to tag along.  Jaslyn is the one in the Rapunzel dress.

What kid doesn't love the giant ball cage?

Vanessa was a little bigger than the rest of the kids, but did a good job playing nicely.

Jaslyn had a Rapunzel cake to match her dress.

Elizabeth was brave enough to try a spotted zip line.

At her school, they would often have snack time outside.

Right as Elizabeth's preschool ended for the year, her birthday rolled around.  This meant an influx of relatives and several parties!  Grandma was the first one to arrive.

Elizabeth invited friends from both her Prince of Peace and Accotink Academy classes.

We even got to use the birthday letters that our friend Liz gave to us.

Here Annika and Elizabeth have lots of fun chasing balloons.

More balloon madness.  Joe holds down the fort and supervises.

After a little while, the party moved outside.

Grandma had brought her parachute and kids LOVE parachute games.

I think parents love parachutes too.

Once it starting getting a bit muggy outside the party moved indoors for some Sarah led dancing games.

Hula hoop obstacle course.

Now everyone has to stop in their hoops.

Conga line!

Time for snacks!

And more importantly, cake!

Where's the cake?  We want cake!

Big breaths!

It did take her a couple of tries to blow them out.

But she was happy when she succeeded.

Sarah and I go around trying to serve cake and ice cream.

Ice cream scooper extraordinaire.
One party down, another one yet to come!
Elizabeth's first party was during the day, so Vanessa and family couldn't make it due to things like school and work.  That changed that evening.  We even got our dog cousins to visit.

The girls made Uncle Zak flip them over and over and over again.

And again and again and again.

Afterwards, the girls got some nighttime stories read by Uncle Brian and Aunt Joanna.

Shortly after Elizabeth's birthday, we got to go to a house party for Sarah's friend Nickie.  Vanessa shows the boys how its done on the trampoline.

Elizabeth got in some gynmastics as well.

Vanessa got her face painted at her school's field day.  Shortly after that, she was a kindergartener no longer.
On to first grade!

Finally, Elizabeth had a third birthday get together as Aunt Heather and Uncle Terry came over and brought Elizabeth her new Merida doll as a present.

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