Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brian and Joanna's wedding

Haha, I managed to post pictures from Brian and Joanna's wedding in September before Halloween is upon us!

The girls LOVED staying in the hotel in DC. Is this abstract art? No, just the girls being goofy in the hotel towels after a trip to the pool.

The window was arguably the best attraction of the hotel room. Plus it was right next door to the National Theater, and the girls were able to go with their second cousin McKenna to a little show for kids there on the morning of the wedding.

The rehearsal dinner. Yummy bread and good company!

Elizabeth is meeting James's Aunt Helen and a handful of Maxteds!

Here's a picture of James with several other sophisticated gentlemen.

Very sophisticated. :)

Here are the girls with Grandma on the day of the wedding. They had a lot of fun together!

Brian gets used to the feel of his new ring in the foreground while Vanessa and Daddy happily hold hands just after the wedding.

Vanessa is enjoying being all dressed up with her aunt Kalena.

It was so great to see Vanessa bonding with her second cousin McKenna, who is just a year older. They danced and played quite a bit together.

The family having appetizers at the reception.

The lovely bride and groom.

Vanessa and Grandma hanging out at the reception.

James's Grandpa Phil played some jazzy swing music in the band at the reception.

Here Vanessa is chasing James's uncle Jim across the smooth dance floor. Run, Jim, run! (Vanessa told us later that she had been ice skating all night long.)

Nana and her sister Kathy, both with their grand-daughters.

Nana and Vanessa! Vanessa stayed up almost to midnight dancing with Nana, McKenna, and Daddy. (I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night....)

Now, just for a few pictures at home... James bought the girls some new puzzles recently. Vanessa put together a puzzle that had some pretty small pieces, and she handled it fine.

Elizabeth also surprised us by being able to pretty much complete this new puzzle all on her own.

When I was studying for a midterm the other weekend, James took the girls out to Dinosaur Land. They always like to go inside the giant shark!

James says Elizabeth kept kissing all the frogs there!

The girls pose next to a stegosaurus.

I like this picture because it looks like Elizabeth has just made a new friend!

The styracosaurus is one of my favorite dinosaurs.

Vanessa is getting old enough now to understand that these dinosaurs are not touching affectionately.


And what better way to end a day at Dinosaur Land than to curl up in the hands of King Kong?

Elizabeth has been making her own dinosaur lands at home lately.

And just a picture of the girls having fun with dress-up and Tchaikovsky music!