Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas and New Year 2010

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is enjoying a great new year. I'm just now getting around to posting about our holidays!

The girls enjoyed the enormous amount of snow that fell in December. They couldn't exactly go sledding -- in fact, they couldn't really leave the path that James shoveled out, because they would sink up to their waists in snow! But they enjoyed it nonetheless -- touching it with mittened hands and stomping on bits of it with booted feet.

Stockings on Christmas morning!

The girls exercised a sharing method to opening just about all their presents this year -- very sweet. This is a really great play-dough set from my friend Sara that has been entertaining them almost every day lately!

Our big gift to the girls was a train set and trains. They were just as excited about the trains as two spoiling parents could hope.

Ooh, train...

Elizabeth and Vanessa both wanted a turn "being cute" in the special kid-size rocking chair on Christmas day.

Vanessa's turn to be cute.

The girls played "going on a bus ride" with Uncle Brian. One of their favorite games!

Elizabeth was in the mood for doing a few of her tricks!

Here's Vanessa opening Candyland -- a present from Uncle Brian and Joanna -- Vanessa loves this game, despite the very hard lesson of not always winning. Winning most of the time makes up for it!

Vanessa played Santa by delivering everyone's gifts, but she was a little shy about giving presents to Uncle John and Aunt Kalena... she settled for dropping the presents at their feet and scooting quickly away! Next time she sees them I'll bet she'll be a lot less shy... she's so funny sometimes...

In my opinion, the best present Brian got this Christmas, from Kalena and John.

Vanessa evaluates the appropriateness of James's pair...

I wish I could remember exactly what Elizabeth said that made James and Nana crack up!

One holiday, four dogs. Quite a houseful!

Grampa and Elizabeth enjoy the new castle that we got from Grampa and Nana this Christmas. Hours and hours of fun have already been had in these cool castle pieces.

The girls couldn't have been more excited about Grandma visiting this Christmas. They loved playing with her, reading with her, and riding on her!

Elizabeth helps Vanessa open her new bike helmet and bell from Grampa K and Grandma K. Vanessa has had renewed interest in her bike because of her new bell especially and she can't wait until I let her take the bike outside when the weather warms up.

Vanessa and Elizabeth had a great time at Aunt Heather and Uncle Terry's house. Balloons! Pure joy.

Heather seemed to be having a blast preparing the balloons for them!

Hannah and Elizabeth (and Vanessa too, in this picture only as a shoe in the background) spent quite a while in the room at Aunt Heather and Uncle Terry's house known only as "the Lego room." Seriously, could there be a cooler place for kids to play than this house?

Vanessa goes for a ride on Hannah while Elizabeth checks out her own reflection in a mirror that Hannah gave her. The girls just love their Aunt Hannah!

Vanessa and Grampa K have a good laugh about something.

Vanessa and I are having some fun with some "homework" books that she likes to work on. I wonder for how many years she will beg to do homework!

We decided to enroll the girls in a music class. The bubbles alone definitely won them over.

And I'll end the post with a picture of our muppet puppet fun!