Monday, September 25, 2006


Vanessa surprised me by being awake for over four consecutive hours yesterday! Boy, my arms would have been tired trying to bounce and entertain her for that long. Good thing that James is feeling better, and Aunt Heather and Uncle Terry came to visit yesterday evening! They kept her entertained for her first long period of consciousness. By the way, James is very happy to be feeling better, and is finally no longer quarantined in the basement! In the morning, he was sitting next to me and Vanessa, waiting for Vanessa to wake up so he could hold her now that he's no longer contagious. He reminded me of a little kid on Christmas morning!

Heather helps Vanessa gain a new perspective on the world.

Vanessa swatted at some of the animals in the mobile. Coincidence, or hand-eye coordination?
We thought Vanessa might like to climb Uncle Terry's tummy. But she was too cozy, and just cuddled instead of climbing.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sweet Dreams

Today Vanessa went to work with me again. This time, Nana came along to help watch her. Nana's workplace is close to mine, so Vanessa took a trip to Nana's work too! Vanessa got a little hungry towards the end of my workday, so she got a little bit of my milk from a bottle. That worked out OK, it seems. After work, we stopped by a Child Safety Seat Check open house. The policemen put cut lengths of Wacky Noodles (those long foam pool toys) under the seat. They say that it helps get the seat tight enough without cracking it. Wow, these technical advances in child safety these days!

Vanessa is so cute when she dreams. She makes all these funny faces, and her eyes open wide and roll all around. Here are two of my favorite expressions of hers while she dreams.

Aww... she's smiling!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Daddy's been sent to the basement

I started feeling like I had a cold last Thursday night and promptly isolated myself from Sarah and Vanessa. I then got an ear infection, a sinus infection, and conjuctivitis on top of a bad cold. Plus the Skins lost again, but that's another story.

A throat culture finally revealed yesterday that I have something called h flu, which is a misnomer since it's symptoms are similar to the real flu but it isn't really the flu. I'm finally on the right antibiotic now to fight it so I should be able to resume parenting duties in 2-3 days. Poor Sarah has had to tend to Vanessa by herself for a week while checking up on daddy as well. Hopefully I'll be able to give her a break on that front soon.

In better news, Sarah tried out her breast milk pump for the first time this week and was able to pump without a problem. Vanessa didn't want anything to do with the bottle the first time, but a second try yield some results. It'll be nice when Sarah isn't the only person who can feed Vanessa. We may give it a try for real this Saturday as Nana (my mom) is going to watch Vanessa as Sarah goes into teach. It's so nice to have such eager help so close by!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Vanessa didn't get a bath as planned on Friday. Instead, it wasn't until Sunday when Nana and Gerri Beres (enough of a friend of the family that we'll call her Nana Two) came over that Vanessa finally got her immersion bath. The two Nanas also watched Vanessa so that I could go grocery shopping -- it was fun to get out of the house on my own for the first time.

Vanessa's eye infection has completely cleared up, and she's doing just great.

Nana and Nana Two giving Vanessa her bath.

Gerri really enjoyed holding Vanessa.

Ken is a real pro at holding babies -- he has lots of nieces and nephews.

Bethany says that so many of her friends are having babies recently, her whole fridge is covered in baby pictures. I like to think that Vanessa stands out as the very cutest one.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vanessa goes to work

I decided to teach math for a program called Quest on Saturdays this fall. I teach about 20 gifted students to whom I taught science over the summer. I figured it wouldn't be too hard to teach once a week, and it would help keep me in the teaching circuit. Vanessa came with me to the staff development on Friday. I put her in my baby wrap (see Sept. 10 post for picture), and she didn't make a peep all day! I plan on pumping milk for her on Saturdays, but I wasn't ready to do that for my first day of teaching today. So James brought Vanessa by during my 20 minute break between classes for feeding. It worked out pretty well, all in all, and some of my students got to meet her. They were really excited about her! James has a bad cold at the moment, and he did a fantastic job of keeping Vanessa content while avoiding coughing on her! I hope he feels better soon.

A meeting of brothers and their special girls

Brian and Joanna visited on Friday. They brought their puppy Kyra with them. Between Kyra and Vanessa, there was unprecedented cuteness in our house!
Uncle Brian loves his little niece!

Joanna thought that Vanessa's tiny ears were so cute! (and I have to agree)

Kyra needed some attention too.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some video clips

I have limited server space for video, but I managed to post a few short clips for those of you who haven't had a chance to see Vanessa yet, or haven't had a chance to see her when she's awake. Check out
Please post comments if the link doesn't work for you, and I can help troubleshoot. (James changed the settings so you can post without a blogger account -- thanks James!)

Two weeks old!

Vanessa is two weeks old today! Her umbilical cord fell off early this morning. To celebrate (or rather, because it's OK now), she'll get her first real bath today. Hopefully she'll stay warmer being all the way in the water.
Yesterday was a day of mix-ups for me -- I went to a doctor's appointment that I didn't have to go to and asked my father-in-law to come over to fix a nonexistent problem with my clothes dryer. I guess my brain isn't at peak performance at the moment. Well, I had fun taking Vanessa on a trip anyway, and I was glad to see my inlaws!
Here's some more recent pictures.
Hmmm... I don't remember this picture being taken.
Vanessa likes her stroller, despite the lack of head support. I guess we better get her a pillow or something.

James looks like a real trendy daddy with the chic jogging stroller travel system and sling-back diaper bag.

Vanessa poses with her grandparents.

Grampa got to hold Vanessa for a few minutes while Nana wasn't looking.

Nana and Vanessa are looking pretty in pink.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Growing so fast!

Vanessa had her second checkup at the pediatrician's today. She's doing great. She's already seven pounds! The doctor was impressed with her overall health. We're supposed to put medicine in her eye for a week, but it doesn't seem to be much to worry about. Her eye is already looking better (pun not intended).

A grandfather and great-grandfather birthday

These are some more pictures from Saturday, when my Dad and Grandfather celebrated their birthdays.

A picture of all of us at the party.

Phyllis (shall I call her great-Nana?) might have held Vanessa all day, if there weren't others who wanted to share.

Hannah wasn't so sure about holding Vanessa, but she managed just fine.

Grampa, three of his granddaughters, and a very special one of his great-granddaughters!

Aunt Teri holds Vanessa in the swaddling blanket that she got for us. Vanessa does like to be swaddled when she's sleepy. When she's grouchy, she thinks it's fun to kick off her swaddling.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A rough day

So Vanessa had her first trip to Urgent Care today. Apparently her tear duct in her right eye was partially blocked and it looks like it allowed mucus to build up and get infected. She got some medicine for it and she'll have to see the doctor again tomorrow morning. Luckily, she was going to see the pedatrician tomorrow anyway.

A busy weekend

Grampa holds his granddaughter for the first time.

Donna holds Vanessa while Aunt Hannah examines her teeny niece.

We actually hold our own daughter sometimes too.

Hannah reads "Are you my mother?" to Vanessa while Vanessa relaxes in Uncle Terry's arms.

Sandra was excited to meet Vanessa.

I really enjoy carrying Vanessa in my baby wrap -- it keeps my hands free and keeps Vanessa very cozy.

James takes Vanessa for a walk in the Baby Bjorn. Father and daughter both enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Friday, September 08, 2006

So many hugs, so little time

Daddy spends some time gazing at the new love of his life.

Sara finds time between teaching the first week of school and moving into her new place to get in some quality cuddling with Vanessa.

Nana REALLY likes to hold Vanessa, but here she has no problem sharing her with Angelique.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bath Time and Other News

Vanessa had her first doctor's appointment today. The doctor said she looked terrific! Babies lose weight in their first few days of life, and Vanessa was at 6 lbs 5 oz when she came home from the hospital, but already she's exceded her birth weight, at 6 lbs 12 oz. She only cried very briefly when she got her first immunization. She's one tough little baby!

Below are some new pictures from this weekend.

It's never to early to start reading.

Vanessa wasn't too happy about her first bath at home.

She was much happier once she was bundled in a towel.

Here, Vanessa is posing with Miss Dee, an incredible homemade doll that will be bigger than her for a while.

Dean was excited to hold Vanessa. Vanessa seemed to be quite happy about the situation too.

Lisa said that it had been a long time since she had held such a tiny baby!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

More guests appearances

Vanessa fell fast asleep in Grandma Satterlee's arms.
Sleepy Vanessa, so tired...
Uncle Johnny and Aunt Liz stop on by and Johnny practices the football hold.
For having never held a newborn baby before, Aunt Liz does it like a champ.

Uncle Terry has no problem rocking Vanessa to sleep.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Everyone is at home!

So our family is now at home. Vanessa passed all her tests and Sarah did great, but we did decide to stay an extra night because of stormy weather. Here are some more pictures.
Here's me and Vanessa asleep in Sarah's bed at the hospital.
Here's Sarah and Vanessa in the hospital room.

Are you ready for your close up Miss Vanessa?
Grandpa John stops by for a visit.

Sarah and Vanessa in the car ready to go home!