Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last of the Germany pictures!

For our last weekend in Germany, we decided to take it easy and visit nearby Tubingen. It was a small town with lots of beautiful architecture and dozens of little artsy touristy shops.
Vanessa and I on the train on the way to Tubingen. Vanessa enjoyed riding in her own seat for a little while (before she got tired of sitting still, that is).
James and Vanessa pose in front of the river in Tubingen. There are these gondola-like boats that are poled up and down this river. You can kind of see one in the background immediately to the right of James, but it's pretty tiny in this picture.
Vanessa and daddy in front of the town hall. We heard some exciting live jazz music from this balcony.
We discovered that the music was played by teenagers! I would never have imagined. They were quite good.
We climbed up to the castle in Tubingen (in case you haven't figured out by now, EVERY town in Germany has at least one castle). I liked the castle, but I liked the view of the town of Tubingen even better.

For some reason, I found this garden around this grain silo (I think that's what it is) near the castle to be quite idyllic. Vanessa thought it was a little boring, though, I guess, since she's yawning in this picture!
On the other hand, the red paper ball with a yellow tassel at the Chinese restaurant where we ate was a highlight of the trip for her!
On the way back to the train station, Vanessa and I paused to admire some of the older buildings along the river in Tubingen.
Vanessa always has time to stop and watch the duckies!
Vanessa had a rather close encounter with a swan!

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