Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cue the music...

We decided that we should go somewhere special for our anniversary last weekend. So we decided to go to a city known for its music, Salzburg, Austria. Home of Mozart and the Sound of Music and countless concerts. But before we get to those pictures, we had a couple of pictures left over from Nana's visit last week.

Vanessa really enjoyed her visit to the German toy store.
Nana shows Vanessa how to use her new German soccer morrocas.
Nana and Vanessa enjoy a beautiful day along the river with the duckies...
Vanessa met a new friend Brendan. James met Brendan's mom Kristen at work and mentioned that Sarah and Vanessa were sitting around the hotel with nothing to do. Kristen took them to a beautiful little place called Bebenhausen, which was once originally a cloister and later a hunting lodge.

Okay, on to the Salzburg photos. Daddy and Vanessa stand in the Mirabell Gardens. You can see the castle in the background as well as several of the huge churches in Salzburg. Mommy and Vanessa hang out in front of the Dom in downtown Salzburg.

We made our way up to the top of the castle via a funicular (mountain tram that Nana wouldn't have survived). We were rewarded with a fantastic view of Salzburg.
Daddy and Vanessa walk around in the castle. They were having a Middle Ages festival at the castle that weekend. The person in the background is demonstrating iron working.
Some Middle Age singers. (Pun intended). Actually, I swear they played Ana-godda-da-vida once....
We walked up to the top of the inner castle and looked out over the southern edge facing the Alps. What a view!
We made our way down and walked around the cementary and catacombs at St. Peters. There was a wedding going on, but they quickly closed the outside doors because too many tourists (like us) were poking their heads in. Instead, we pose in front of a fountain outside it.

As we walked in downtown Salzburg, we found a festival for the Pathfinders club in Austria. I guess it's the equivilent of Boy/Girl Scouts in the US. Maybe 4H club? Anyway, they had a human f├╝ssball rink that I had to take a picture of. I didn't participate though because there were only kids playing. Maybe when Vanessa is older next time...
On our way back, we walked through a gnome garden in the Mirabell gardens.
The next day we walked out into the gardens into an Austrian band performing. Daddy and Vanessa were grooving to the march music.
We walked across one of the bridges to visit the market across the river. Mommy and Vanessa pose in front of the beautiful scenery.
After visiting the market, we did a tour of Mozart's birthplace and where he lived. Here's daddy and Vanessa in front of his birthhouse. We thought the coolest part was seeing actual set designs and scene paintings from the operas from his period. Very cool!

On the way back it was really hot so Vanessa decided she wanted to play in the street fountains.
Look who's all wet!
After a long day, Vanessa and daddy relax in a garden outside Mozart's house.
On the way back to the train station, we found a really cool playground in the gardens. Vanessa and Mommy are walking on a grid of chimes that play when you step on that. Poor Vanessa didn't weigh enough to sound it herself.
Vanessa and Daddy check out the swings before they got back on the train.

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