Friday, June 01, 2007

Heidelberg Castle

We have taken so many pictures in Germany and we've been traveling so much during the day that we've had trouble keeping up with the blog! Here are some pictures from our trip to Heidelberg last weekend.

Here's a view of the old bridge as we made our way up to Heidelberg Castle.
Here's the steep path we climbed! James pushed Vanessa in the stroller the whole way up (we learned of an easier pathway up later).

Here's a picture of Heidelberg castle! Parts of it were destroyed by cannon fire during the Thirty Years War in the 1600's.
A view from the parapets.
James, Sarah, Grandma, and Vanessa standing on the parapets.
A view from inside the castle.

A cannon positioned to defend the castle.
Some of the interior courtyard of the castle.
The castle shrouded in mist.
The wall showing all the "heads of the family." If you look closely, you'll see heads of the entire family tree staring down on you.Three generations of ladies in the marketplace below the castle.
James with partners in crime, Josh and Mason. Vanessa's sleeping in the middle.
Vanessa found a new friend while we were taking a break for some food. This little girl had just learned to walk a day or two before we met her. Vanessa must have been paying attention, because she started walking on her own the next day! Vanessa had taken a few practice steps before, but now she's walking several feet unassisted.
Apparently it's not a new thing to brag about how much wine you have in your basement. I guess these German kings were competing with each other to get the biggest cask. This one contains 55,000 gallons of wine! You can see a walkway built on top of this cask for some idea of scale.Here's the sign explaining about the size of the cask.After all that wine, it's time for some repentence. Here is the church that was part of the Heidelberg castle.
Here's a picture of the bridge from the castle after we crossed it to go home.
Another view of the bridge in front of the castle.

It was starting to get pretty cold and wet, but heck, we had such a good day that we're smiling anyway.

Here are James, Sarah, and Vanessa on the train ride home!

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