Tuesday, February 20, 2007

To Michigan and back!

James's great-grandmother Edna just passed away last week at nearly 101 years old. I had the pleasure of meeting her several times, and I was always impressed with how much energy and compassion she had. This was a much-loved lady. This past weekend, we drove up with James's parents to Kalamazoo Michigan to attend her funeral. We joined Edna's many relatives in celebrating her rich, long life.
I had some concern with Vanessa's ability to handle a 13 hour drive in wintry conditions. But Vanessa was probably the cheeriest of all of us! I think she fussed less than she usually does on an average day!

Vanessa got to see her great-grandparents again. I'm trying to remember if her great-grandpa ever let great-grandma hold her!

Vanessa meets her five-year-old third cousin, Donovan. Donovan's good at reading, can write his name, and as we found out, is very good at building extremely tall towers out of play bricks! Vanessa's sitting in her great-aunt Kathy's lap.

How many concentrating ladies does it take to get banana from a cup to Vanessa's mouth? Well, as you can see here, sometimes three!

Nana with her sister Kathy and brother Kevin. I don't usually post pictures when Vanessa's out of the frame, but for such a charming bunch, I guess I'll make an exception.

Vanessa's dinner was also bananas, I think. Vanessa was so focused on her bananas that she got her great-great aunt Jean giggling. This made Vanessa stare at Jean, which made her laugh even harder! Vanessa kept staring at her, and Jean kept laughing -- a vicious cycle! Grampa kept his composure, but Jean and I were in stitches.

Great-great aunt Jean and I relaxing after a good laugh. Vanessa says, "What was so funny?"

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