Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snowy Valentine's Day

It snowed for Vanessa's first Valentine's day! That was especially exciting because James's grad school classes were cancelled, and he came home early and got lots of cuddling in with his little Valentine.
Vanessa is just barely tall enough to measure up on her new growth chart. It starts at 2 feet! Her onesie that she's wearing is one of the first articles of clothing I've bought for Vanessa. I have such generous friends and family, I haven't had to buy much else!

Last night while I was trying to let her go to sleep on her own, Vanessa had scooted her way up to the top of her crib and was banging her head against the crib slats. That would make her mad, so she would kick her feet and bang her head against the slats again! I had heard that crib bumpers weren't really safe (suffocation hazards), but I had had enough!

This wasn't the first time Vanessa had done this, so I put the bumper on her crib. She really likes her bumper! It has such pretty pictures on it. She took her most recent nap without a fuss because she was so busy checking out the little critters on her bumper.

Vanessa says, "Thanks, Mom, for my new bumper! Now, when I feel like head-banging, it won't hurt quite so much!"

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