Monday, February 26, 2007

Crawling! (sort of)

So Vanessa has started to make a little bit of progress forward when she squirms around on her tummy. This is how it goes:

She burrows her head in the bed and grunts while she lifts her bottom in the air and pushes forward with her feet. Then she lays flat on the bed, lifts her head, and protests that she's not making much progress. Then she repeats the whole process. She can move about 6 inches forward in about 3 or 4 minutes. Then she's pretty much had it with being on her tummy!

Vanessa's aunt Heather visited on Thursday. Vanessa slept through some of the visit, but still had time to show off her piano playing and slobbering skills. I was so excited to have Heather visit! She helped me solve a problem I was having designing a plate tectonics lab. I had been thinking about this problem for weeks, and Heather solved the problem in about an hour with Ziploc bags, permanent marker, and some water. I have an amazing sister!

Heather was impressed by how big Vanessa has gotten since last she saw her. We'll get to find out on Thursday exactly how big -- it will be her six month appointment. Six months already!

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