Monday, February 12, 2007

Old friends, new friends

James and I really enjoyed a visit on Friday to an old high school friend of James's, MaryLu. We had met MaryLu's husband Michael once before, but we had never met their fantastic kids, Jackie and Isaac. Isaac is 9 months and can crawl. I haven't seen a crawling baby in a long time. I was so impressed by watching him -- ah, so that's crawling. I didn't manage to take a picture of him while we were there. I guess he was too quick to catch on camera! Jackie is about 3. She can do a somersault, put together a puzzle, and tell you what happens in a story.
I really enjoyed talking to MaryLu. She had a wealth of information on baby food, toys, napping, scheduling, etc. Plus, she made the most delicious vegetarian dinner. I know it was good (and not just my bias) because on the car ride home, James asked that we start incorporating something like that into our weekly meals.

Vanessa's a little nervous about putting together her first puzzle. She knows how to put the pieces in her mouth, but will she be expected to do anything else? Jackie sets a good example by helping to put together the pieces. MaryLu is in the foreground, and James and Dean are in the background (Dean went to high school with James and MaryLu too).

Jackie and her Daddy break down a house of bricks that they had been hiding inside.

I finally mounted the ribboned V that Vanessa's cousin Katelyn made for her. I think it adds a lot of pizazz to Vanessa's door.

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