Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vanessa's First Christmas Eve

Vanessa enjoyed her first Christmas Eve at Nana's house with her parents, her Grandpa John and Nana Karen, Great Grandparents Lou and Phil, and her Uncle Brian and Aunt Joanna. Vanessa was sporting a matching red pajama and Santa hat set for the beginning part of Christmas Eve. The hat soon annoyed her though and was promptly removed.

This picture is technically from the day before Christmas Eve as Vanessa discovers that Grandma Lou's fingers aren't very tasty.

Great Grandma Lou sure loves her little great granddaughter.

Aunt Joanna tries to get Vanessa to play her SO BIG game where she sits up in your lap.

Vanessa, aren't you a little young to be counting cards?

Uncle Brian realizes he got an early Christmas present from Vanessa.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah & James she is soooo very cute. I love her chubby cheeks. She sure is growing fast. Keep posting I enjoying reading about her adventures.