Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Vanessa really enjoyed her first Christmas. She got some great presents from Santa and family in the morning and in the afternoon got to meet Greg and Christina's baby Nathan, who isn't so much of a baby anymore.

Grandpa got to hold Vanessa at the breakfast table.
Vanessa decided to show him her standing trick.

Vanessa got a special ornament with her name on it.

Mom and Nana show Vanessa her baby grand piano. Daddy is very jealous that Vanessa got a baby grand before he did.

Vanessa opens her present from Santa, well she watches at Mom opens it for her.

Vanessa really likes her playmat from Santa!

Who is that in the mirror? It's Vanessa!

Mommy and Grandpa model their Christmas stocks. Very stylish.

Vanessa demonstrates to Daddy at the Christmas table that not only can she pick up his napkin, she can throw it on the floor. I think she's going to like that game for a long time.

Nathan doesn't like his Mom holding another baby. This is good practice for him since he has a new niece that is on her way.

Daddy, why isn't Mommy holding me?

Nathan is much more comfortable with Vanessa when she's in car seat instead of in Mom's arms.

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