Friday, December 22, 2006

Great grandparents and a jumperoo

So Vanessa has had a busy couple of days. She got to meet her great grandparents from her Nana's side for the first time and got to play with a new toy. What fun!

Vanessa meets her Great Grandma Lou for the first time while Nana wonders when it's her turn to hold the baby.

What, more pictures? Don't we have enough of those Daddy?

Grandpa tries to teach Vanessa how to shake hands. Or maybe it's a build up to the Michigan fight song.

Vanessa meets Great Grandpa Phil for the first time.

Great Grandpa Phil shows her the right way to sing the Michigan fight song.

Uh-oh, here's that crazy Nana person again.

Well, maybe that Nana person is alright after all...

Lily checks out a sleeping Vanessa. I don't think she's gotten over another cute thing in her house taking away some of her attention...

Sarah and I finally realized that Vanessa was big enough for the Jumperoo that Gina gave us. She loves it!

Vanessa thinks Daddy is a little weird, but amusing. She also wonders if Daddy's ever going to give up his psychedelic baby blanket from the 70s.

You can tell Daddy loves Vanessa SOOO MUCH!

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