Sunday, December 17, 2006

Feliz Navidad Fiesta!

Vanessa has had a busy week! She has been battling her first cold, poor thing. With the exception of those times when I try to clear her nose out with saline drops and an aspirator, she's been handling her congestion with an undaunted cheerfulness.

My cousin Tasha visited on Friday to do some Christmas shopping with Vanessa and me. We had a very productive day out at the mall. I really enjoyed catching up with my cousin!

We had our Feliz Navidad Fiesta on Saturday. We had lots of friends and family visit, eat tacos, watch football, play Cranium, and make gingerbread houses with us. Vanessa enjoyed being held by all kinds of friendly people. She definitely bonded with our friend Hannah, whom she met for the first time, and got lots of hugs from family and friends.

Vanessa with my cousin Tasha on Friday.

I tell you, I leave them alone for two minutes...

James and Dean made some prototypes of gingerbread houses on Friday.

At the party, Justin got some baby holding practice. James and I think he'll make a great daddy one day. We think Jen thinks so too.

Lisa's gingerbread house. All of the gingerbread houses were unique and very cool.

We were excited that Brian and Joanna could make it to our party!
The Jefferson alumns.
The Whitman teachers, Lisa and Jana.
Chris and daughter Lily make an outstanding gingerbread house. I thought that Lily saying "Oh, she's so cute" about Vanessa was one of the cutest things ever.

Vanessa loves her new swing. She takes those kinds of long naps in it that feel like gifts to mommy. Thanks Duc, for the swing!

Vanessa just loves her aunt Heather!

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