Friday, March 06, 2009

Elizabeth's nine month appointment

We had Elizabeth's nine-month check-up today. She didn't fuss at all, except oh so briefly for her vaccination. The doctor says she's growing just fine. She was 28.5 inches long (75% percentile) and weighed 18 pounds 12 ounces (50% percentile). I think her head circumference was closer to 90%, which explains why she has already outgrown most of her 12-month shirts!

Some of Elizabeth's recently acquired skills are
1) banging two objects together
2) clapping (sort of)
3) making a clicking sound with her tongue (This is the sound effect that I make when I point to clocks, which incidentally are Elizabeth's OBSESSION at the moment.)
4) looking down when she hears uh-oh, and looking at certain objects when she hears their names
5) removing all of the blocks from our block stacker toy that we got in Germany
6) making a jumping gesture when we count down from 9, in anticipation of "blasting off"

I think this is a good time to list some of Vanessa's newly acquired skills too (none of which I am sure I am happy about):
1) being able to unscrew the cap of my toothpaste and other containers
2) being able to blow bubbles with a bubble wand (see number 1 for why this is a concern)
3) being able to use a pencil-box type pencil sharpener
4) being able to pull the foil off the top of a cup of yogurt
5) being able to jump down off of something a foot high (as opposed to stepping or sliding off it)
6) being able to balance small objects on her head


Anonymous said...

These are much easier to handle than jumping off of 4 foot high playhouses into bean bag chairs, driving a car (and forgetting to call home that she will be late) wandering down streams without telling an adult where you have gone, jumping off of the top of apartment houses, walking the length of a hall (without touching the floor, just the walls) climbing doorways and sitting on the top of the fridge.....

Sarah said...

And those were just the ones you knew about, mom! :)

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I want to know about the other ones! What is nice, is that you grew up and had two wonderful daughters who have the intelligence to get into things. I really worry about little girls who just sit there looking cute, but have no iniative, no spunk, and no curiosity.

Samantha said...

I am so utterly jealous that Elizabeth weighs 18 pounds. Maybe she can take Samantha out to the garden and snack on some goodies. At eight months, SMB only weighs 15 pounds, 9.5 ounces because she HATES veggies and meats and only sometimes tolerates fruits. Darned eating aversion.