Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elizabeth starts signing!

I guess I could tell it was coming, after she started shaking her head every time she heard someone say "no," but Elizabeth has definitely started signing, maybe the day before yesterday. I'm pretty sure her first sign was "dog," thanks to Kyra staying with us this week. Later in the day she started signing "hat," and even waved "hello" to her daddy through the window today. So sweet! I think she's also signing "come here," maybe "eat," and "diaper," I think. I guess it's time to step up my signing!


Samantha said...

That is so cool! How awesome to know that they are getting it and can show us. Can't wait to meet your little signer!

Sam knows 'milk' even when a bottle isn't in sight. I'm sure she knows car, which we call 'field trip' and 'diaper time' and 'bath time'. She still laughs like crazy when I do 'ceiling fan'.

ABC Triplets said...

Yay! Go signing!