Saturday, February 14, 2009

Warmer weather and other happiness!

I have been reflecting lately that warmer weather and kiddos who are feeling better make me feel just terrific. I am loving the freedom to GO places! Woohoo!

Even when we're hanging around the house, we've been having a good time. Here are our silly girls being found in a game of peekaboo!

Vanessa's been dressing herself lately. I like the one-shoe look.

I think in this picture Elizabeth is challenging Vanessa to a duel at high noon. The weapon of choice? Probably our squirty bath toys.

Grandma visited for just a little while last week. Vanessa tackled her. That's how Vanessa shows she loves someone these days!

Grandma is helping Elizabeth stand! Elizabeth has been taking so many practice steps lately, and stands all the time -- in her crib, under the table, etc. She's also gotten much faster at crawling and we definitely have to be more aware of her movements!

This is the kind of snow I like best -- the kind where the weather is warm and the snow is melting! Vanessa saw her daddy shoveling snow, so that's exactly what she wanted to do too!

Elizabeth explores the feel of snow for the first time. I put a tiny bit of snow near her so she could touch it while staying dry.

Here's some more for you, Elizabeth!

Daddy and Elizabeth watch Vanessa hard at work shoveling some more snow.

We drove out to Dinosaur Land today just for something low-key to do. It was still closed for the winter, but we had fun looking at the dinosaurs in the front anyway!

The area of parenting in which I definitely have not been too successful in so far is NAPS! We avoid naps for Vanessa to make bedtime more manageable, but still sometimes the poor thing needs a little rest in the day. Mostly she likes to rest in little hiding places like this book shelf or under the piano. I once fell asleep on the edge of a bathroom sink when I was little, and my little brother once fell asleep on top of a kitchen cabinet. I wonder where I might find Vanessa one day if she actually nods off during her little rest?

One day this week, I even mismanaged Elizabeth's naps! Well, I think it had to do with a certain someone interrupting her nap... but anyway, the poor dear didn't quite make it through dinner.

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Samantha said...

We love warmer weather! Great pictures.

I think Elizabeth and Samantha buy their hats at the same place. Hats always seem to slide right above her ears so at no point during our outings are her ears actually warm...