Sunday, February 01, 2009

Too grown up?

So here are some things Vanessa has said lately that makes me think she is growing up way too fast:

Me: "Can you answer mommy's question?" Vanessa: "No, Vanessa busy."
"Mommy and Daddy, go to Mommy's and Daddy's room. Lie down. Go to sleep." (This so she could play with the laptop.)
Me: "Vanessa, please don't eat that." Vanessa: "Vanessa eat it anyway."
"No mommy tell me what to do."
"Vanessa erase Mommy's kiss."
*Door slam!* "Vanessa close door tight."

But, she also always says, "I love you, so much!" to Mommy, Daddy, and Elizabeth! And she talks lovingly about her family and friends every day.


Samantha said...

I think they tell us that they love us so we're reminded how much they love us, but also so they can get away with much more than they would have otherwise!

Mine flashes her grin and proceeds to ignore the word 'no'.

Fran├žoise Villon said...

Hi James and Sarah, Amanda Shoaf Vincent here. I finally got around to reading the alumni notes and decided to look you guys up since you posted your blog info. I love the pictures of your girls- you all look busy and happy. I'm still working on my PhD in French. I'm hoping to defend in November, at which point my husband and I will both be looking for jobs at a college somewhere.

Take care!