Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New developments

Things have been changing here at the Maxteds!

Yesterday, Vanessa learned how to take her diaper off. I think I might have actually given her a little hint in how to do it, and I was thinking that it was probably a mistake to do so, but... she hasn't worn a diaper since! She taught herself to use the potty over the past two days. I tried to put a diaper on her for bedtime at least, but she promptly removed it on her own after I closed her door, so, well, I guess we're diaper-free from now on. I might be calling it too early, but I don't think so... Vanessa seems determined.

This was after Vanessa's first day at preschool! Well, I had taken her a few times to the preschool to get her acclimated to the teachers and the new environment, and it was only for two hours (just on Mondays). But this was the first time I left her there by herself. No tears, just looking for me a little. I love her preschool and I think that it is just the right amount of time there for now. I also love that it gives me some free time early in the week before my assignments are due for my classes!

In any case, Vanessa has done a whole lot of growing up in two days.

Elizabeth, in the meantime, has started chuckling! Well, just one belly laugh yesterday. Oh, so funny to hear a full-fledged laugh from her. What a big girl. And she scoots all over the place on her back. I start her down at the bottom of her crib to give her plenty of runway during the night. Sometimes I find her up at the top of her crib and facing the other way.

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Jessica Kaylor said...

I just caught up on your blog and feel like such a horrible aunt and uncle (yes, I confidently speak for Jake) in not keeping up better with such important life events for you all over the last weeks!!! Thank you for keeping up and sharing them on your blog. We will make it up to you 4.
Love you so much from Texas,