Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kaylor reunion pictures

My wonderful family has given me so many great pictures from the Kaylor Reunion a few weeks ago. Here are just a few of those pictures:

The whole big family! We're all waving at the camera to encourage Vanessa to look in that general direction. It was a great idea in theory... although Vanessa didn't actually look at the camera, I think the waving makes for a nice picture!

The fellows in the back are my Uncle Bob, my brother Zak, my Dad and his Dad (Papa), my cousin Brett, and Tasha's husband Mark. The ladies in the front are Donna (Grandma K), my sister Heather, me and Elizabeth and Vanessa, my sister Hannah, my great-grandma Phyllis (Oma), my aunt Teri, and my cousins Tasha and Danielle.

Most of the pictures that I have for posting are of Elizabeth being held, rather than Vanessa being held. There are two main reasons for this: 1)Vanessa's definitely getting to that stage where she's not too fond of being held or holding still for pictures, and 2) she spent a good portion of the reunion bouncing on the trampoline!
Here are my cousin Tasha and Elizabeth looking just beautiful.

Grandma K and Grampa K were a considerable help to me in keeping track of Elizabeth and Vanessa during the reuion. Here's Grandma K greeting Elizabeth at our house, before heading over to Teri & Bob's.

Here's Grampa K and Elizabeth enjoying the lovely back yard at my aunt Teri's.

Vanessa found great glee in bouncing on the trampoline! The glee was kind of catching, actually.

Another nice picture of Elizabeth and Grampa K. Grampa K seemed to have this magic way of holding Elizabeth so that she stayed content for long periods of time. (And now that I think about it, I think it might be partly because he held her outwards. She really does seem to like watching the world go by.)

Some of the lovely ladies at the reunion -- Hannah, Donna, and Danielle.

Heather and Terry were also a terrific help in running around after Vanessa and keeping Elizabeth happy. Vanessa and Elizabeth love them both so much! I actually had some time to snack and socialize. I was especially glad to chat with my cousin Tasha, whom I hadn't seen in far too long! Here are Heather, Elizabeth, me, and Tasha.

What a joy to see the great-grandparents at the reunion! Oma Phyllis brought marvelous hand-made Christmas stockings for the girls and myself. Here's a picture of Phyllis and Elizabeth.

And here's Elizabeth taking a peek at her great-grandfather.

As I've mentioned, Vanessa absolutely adored playing on the trampoline! Here, Vanessa's aunts Heather and Hannah are trying to encourage her to play Duck-Duck Goose for the first time.

Vanessa sort of caught on to the rules. She definitely understood the running around in circles part at least!

The outdoor game of choice at the reunion was Ladder Ball. It was a Kaylor reunion after all, so of course it had games! I actually had a minute to enjoy a toss or two. Much fun was had by all.

Here are the Kaylor siblings, plus Elizabeth and Vanessa. Although they aren't in this picture, Jake and Jessica and their daughters Katelyn, Jadyn, and Bryn were definitely in our hearts and minds on this day. It is hard sometimes that Texas is so far away. Tonight again, I'm definitely thinking of you, my brave family in Texas!

Here are a bunch of Kaylor cousins!

Here's my aunt Teri holding Elizabeth. We were very grateful that Teri and Bob were able to host a reunion at their home. We enjoyed seeing our extended family very much!

I thought I'd close with a picture of Vanessa and her uncle Zak, one of the few times that Vanessa held still during the reunion. Maybe it's because he pretended to put Play-doh in his ear, or maybe it was all that bouncing on the trampoline, but Vanessa just loves her uncle Zak.

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