Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vegetable update

Since things have grown a bit since last update, I thought I'd post some more pictures.

Vanessa loves Beets. I have no idea if they're done yet, so I'm going to excavate the large one this week to see how big it is.

So once you harvest the main head of broccoli, you get all these side sprouts going. Some of them I'm too late in cutting off because they're already flowering, which means it's going to seed.

I was about ready to pull all the other broccoli plants when all of a sudden four more of them sprouted heads. Weirdness.

These are Brussel Sprouts. Like the Cauliflower (which are both in the cabbage family), it hasn't done anything other than get big. We'll see if it does anything in the coming weeks.

These carrots I believe are almost ready to be picked. Since I'm not sure, I may excavate one to see how big it is.

You can see how tall the corn has gotten. This is about my shoulder height, so about 5 ft tall.

The beginnings of a corn.

You can see from this picture that many of the cucumber flowers have started to fruit.

This cucumber is about 8 inches now. I'll probably cut it off in a day or two. Hopefully some of the spikes on it will fall off soon or I'll have to scrub them off.

The eggplant is getting bigger. Still not sure where the fruit is going to come from, but I guess I'll wait and see.

These green pepper buds were shot about a week ago.

Since then some of them have started to flower, always a good sign.

The Big Max pumpkins have sprouted. I'll probably give them a week or so and thin it down to the healthiest looking plant.

Same with the acorn squash.

You can see that the Black Beauty Zucchini Squash has flowered underneath the corn.

Even the sunflower has sprouted. I need to get it a nice support soon though.

Here are some sweet potatoes I planted. They've grown a bit, though I have no idea where the potatoes are going to appear. I definitely need to read up on these.

So this is a Beeksteak tomato. It is from a seedling I started. Right now this is the only Beefsteak that has grown on that plant.

This is a Brandywine tomato. This is from one of Johnny's seedlings.

This is a Cherry tomato plant. This is from a seedling I started.

This is a Golden Girl tomato. It may not be the most prolific from a fruit standpoint, but its the largest of all the tomato plants I've planted. This one and the rest of the tomatoes depicted from here on out are from Johnny's seedlings.

This is a Mini Orange tomato plant. This is by far the most prolific of all the tomato plants for whatever reason.

This is a Mini Yellow tomato plant. Aren't they cute?

This if what a Roma tomato plant looks like. I have two of these going because I really like Roma tomatoes.

This is a Jubilee Watermelon sprout. I'm not sure I planted it in an area with enough room or sun, hence it's kinda stunted.

It appears to me though that the Moon and Stars Watermelon is doing better. It still doesn't get as much light as I'd like, so I'll probably be ruthless in removing weak fruit to maximize production on a good one if it ever gets there.


Anonymous said...

Nice gardening you've got going there! I need to remember to label my plants next year, had to google to find out that I have roma tomato sprouts and not bell peppers. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Your garden is awesome!!!