Thursday, July 17, 2008

A few more big steps

Elizabeth has been making the cutest little cooing noises lately. Those smiles and coos just melt my heart, but I think Vanessa's been enjoying them even more than I have. A recent smile from Elizabeth sent Vanessa into an impromptu jig! Elizabeth's also been doing a fantastic job lifting her head, playing the "sooooo big!" sit-up game that we used to play with Vanessa, and following toys with her eyes. I'd say, more than just being soft and cuddly and adorable, she's entering that stage of babyhood that's really a lot of fun!

Vanessa on the other hand has made a few discoveries about herself, such as when she puts her fingers in her ears she can hear her own heart beat, and that the wrinkles on her knuckles go away when she bends her fingers. One thing about having Vanessa is that it reminds me not to take such remarkable phenomena for granted!

During last post I remarked on a few instances where as an adult I failed to correctly interpret Vanessa's view of the world. Here's one more: The other day, Vanessa was playing with her teapot and said, "Milk?" "Do you want to pour some milk, Vanessa?" I asked, surprised at her usual deviation from pouring imaginary water or apple juice when playing with her teapot. But no, she meant that the teapot wanted to nurse -- she put it up her shirt!

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