Saturday, July 12, 2008

Uncle Zak and some smiles

Uncle Zak visited us this week! He noticed how much Vanessa is really becoming a big girl. (Speaking of which, Vanessa chose to sleep in her big bed instead of the crib tonight!). Now that Vanessa is talking and interacting so much it's easier to perform such important duties of being an uncle as playing ridiculous games and being silly. Here he attacks Vanessa's ball of blue Play-doh with a green dinosaur.

Here they practice their letters. Vanessa has been singing the alphabet song over and over for the past few days. She misses K, L, and N, but she usually manages to sing all of the other letters in order. She likes to sing other songs too, especially "C is for Cookie."

We went to Lake Accotink with Zak. Vanessa talked big about wanting to go for a ride on the horses on the carousel, but this time she opted for one of the animals that didn't go up and down.

Even Elizabeth went for a ride on the carousel, but Zak thinks she didn't like it so well. It did go around pretty fast.

Elizabeth has started smiling! Her first smile was at Vanessa. I guess Elizabeth loves her sister just as much as Vanessa loves her!
Why is it that as a mom I find it so tempting to try to capture such an elusive thing as a one month-old's smile on camera? So she's not exactly smiling in this picture, but she is looking pretty adorable.

There's a smile! (Well, sort of.)

James's post about our garden progress is just below this one. It's wonderful to watch our veggies get ripe and I'm really getting excited about harvesting them. (And I'm going to have to personally chase off that rabbit if he doesn't stay away from those cucumbers...)

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