Sunday, September 03, 2006

More guests appearances

Vanessa fell fast asleep in Grandma Satterlee's arms.
Sleepy Vanessa, so tired...
Uncle Johnny and Aunt Liz stop on by and Johnny practices the football hold.
For having never held a newborn baby before, Aunt Liz does it like a champ.

Uncle Terry has no problem rocking Vanessa to sleep.


Jacob said...

Seeing all the family holding Vanessa makes me want to be there. What a beautiful niece I have! Looking at Terry tenderly holding Vanessa makes me wonder if Heather was noticing the look on his face...ummmm... I wonder what the future holds... Also, just a suggestion for you James and Sarah you can let people comment without signing up for a blogger account which and still eliminate spam/ads by having them type in a word that the site randomly produces... check under settings for details... I love y'all

James Maxted said...

Good idea Jake. I changed that setting to no longer require logins.