Monday, September 25, 2006


Vanessa surprised me by being awake for over four consecutive hours yesterday! Boy, my arms would have been tired trying to bounce and entertain her for that long. Good thing that James is feeling better, and Aunt Heather and Uncle Terry came to visit yesterday evening! They kept her entertained for her first long period of consciousness. By the way, James is very happy to be feeling better, and is finally no longer quarantined in the basement! In the morning, he was sitting next to me and Vanessa, waiting for Vanessa to wake up so he could hold her now that he's no longer contagious. He reminded me of a little kid on Christmas morning!

Heather helps Vanessa gain a new perspective on the world.

Vanessa swatted at some of the animals in the mobile. Coincidence, or hand-eye coordination?
We thought Vanessa might like to climb Uncle Terry's tummy. But she was too cozy, and just cuddled instead of climbing.

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