Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rainbows and friends

Vanessa had her first trip to Nana's house this weekend. We went to Baby's R Us and did some shopping. Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Vanessa's first rainbow! Granted, she had trouble seeing it with her eyes closed.

Vanessa's first trip to Tippy's Tacos.
Lisa had fun playing with Vanessa. Vanessa was awake again for quite a while, and Lisa did a great job of keeping her entertained.

Don't you think Vanessa is so adorable when she yawns? Rachel clearly knows how to make Vanessa feel cozy.

The Cahill's came over to Nana's house to take a peek at Vanessa. Here, Owen inspects the new baby. "Hi baby!" he said. Also pictured here are Owen's mom and dad (Lisa and Justin), and aunt Natalie.

Vanessa in Lisa's arms.

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