Thursday, September 10, 2009

Long time no post

I guess we've been busy this summer. We're going to Disney World next week so I figured I'd start getting us caught up.
Vanessa has decided that she needs to help with everything now. This apparently included vacuuming Mommy's car. I don't mind if she wants to pick up this job. ;)

One of the things that has kept us busy this summer is dance class. Vanessa is a bit introverted and took a couple of weeks to warm up to the class and everyone. The first half was ballet and second half was tap. I think she liked the tap better since she could make a lot of noise. Here she is with Ms. Christina and the rest of the class in a circle.

Elizabeth liked visiting dance class as much as Vanessa did taking it. She's much more outgoing and loved chasing all the other girls. Guess we have to sign her up next year.

Vanessa shows how she can be tall like the teacher.

Bustin a tap move here.

Both our daughters loved peek-a-boo. They play it with each other ALOT. Wonder what's underneath this blanket?

It's an Elizabeth!

With all the love of dinosaurs in our house now, we decided to take a trip out to Dinosaur Land in Front Royal.

Help, a shark has swallowed my family whole!

This is Vanessa's favorite dinosaur, a Stegosaurus. In fact, if you see Vanessa, she'll probably want to know your name, your age, your favorite color, and your favorite dinosaur.

Vanessa stands next to a baby T-Rex, Daddy's favorite dinosaur. Ignore all this recent research that paints T-Rex as more of a vulture like scavenger, it was a vicious predator! ;)

Elizabeth loved running around the dinosaurs. Here she is next to a family of Triceratops, Sarah's favorite dinosaur.

Vanessa got in on the happy bouncing action.

Eventually Vanessa wanted a ride on Daddy's shoulders. Here the two of us and Elizabeth check out a Styracosaurus.

Elizabeth shows us just how tall this dinosaur is.

Mommy and Elizabeth pose in front of Mommy's favorite, the Triceratops.

One last photo in this set. Vanessa found one of my lightsabers and hasn't stopped playing with it since. I've convinced her that she can only hit the ground with it to make the clash noise, but we'll see how long that lasts.

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