Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First teeth

Elizabeth's first two teeth have finally broken through! We had our first tooth-brushing yesterday. I'm glad they're finally here, maybe now she'll get over her cough! And now she's a pro at chewing her finger food.

Elizabeth loved her new toothbrush!

Vanessa of course wanted to help with Elizabeth's very first tooth-brushing experience.

Elizabeth is getting so good at standing. She's even been balancing for a few seconds. Today after balancing she stepped forward with one foot before I caught her. A first step? And she's sort of cruising even. Not crawling yet, though.

Elizabeth has just started enjoying books a little. She especially likes playing peek-a-boo in Pat the Bunny. But that's not a surprise really, she LOVES playing peek-a-boo. Well, her uncle Brian made her cry playing peek-a-boo once, haha! ...but that was after making her smile and laugh for ten minutes!

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Samantha said...

Yeah for teeth! With Vanessa as a helper, you can be sure Elizabeth won't be getting cavities.

Looks like Uncle Dean needs to come by for a visit to teach Elizabeth how to speed read. He's a pro, having been taught by Miss Vanessa!

You have two super cute girls! I think I'll be down in the spring and can't wait to meet them.