Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lowering the crib

Yesterday while I watched, Elizabeth pulled herself from a sitting position to a belly flop on top of the bathroom stool, and then pushed herself back up into a standing position. Whoa, was I surprised. I have to stop leaving her in a sitting position near ANYTHING. I lowered the crib just in case we have a sudden understanding of how climbing works.

If the increasing difficulty of keeping Elizabeth on her changing pad while giving her a diaper change is any indication, I think we're going to see some crawling in the next week or so.

Vanessa usually calls Elizabeth by the name Libbiff, Yibbiff, or sometimes even Biff. I think I heard her say Eyibbiff today, though. I wonder if Elizabeth will ever call herself Biff? I don't think I would have guessed that Vanessa would have called herself Sessa, although now of course she calls herself Vanessa.

Elizabeth has been starting to make babbling sounds, mostly Mah... Mah kinds of noises (Vanessa said Dada first, maybe I'll win this one!)

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Samantha said...

Biff? I like it!

Sessa? I've heard a lot of nicknames for Vanessa (being one myself) but haven't heard that one before. Thanks for keeping the name fresh!

Yay for crawling, so long as it's not happening at my house. I can't believe how soon the babyproofing needs to happen. How do they grow up overnight?

Big V