Sunday, June 08, 2008


Elizabeth's first week has been very eventful! We've had lots of friends and family come to visit.

Life can get pretty busy with two little ones, but oh, the joy of synchronous naps!

Grampa Maxted got to hold his new granddaughter after returning from a trip to NY.

James and I are so lucky to have such a supportive family! We had help from James's mom while Elizabeth and I were in the hospital, and help from my mom during this first week.

Vanessa seems to be more interested in Nana's hair tie than in the camera during this picture.

Elizabeth had her first bath Friday night. She lost her umbilical cord today so she can get her belly button wet in future baths. But as she could only be slightly subermerged during her first bath, it was a little chilly for her. Vanessa observed her cold, wet, and understandably unhappy sister a little nervously.

Ah... Elizabeth felt much better after getting dry.

Yesterday, we had visits from several friends -- John and Liz, and Greg and Christina and their two kids, Nathan and Cora. My sister Heather and brother-in-law Terry also came up to visit.

Cora enjoyed playing with the tissue paper that came from unwrapping some of the gifts that Vanessa helped open. At six months old, Cora is a masterful crawler. I wonder if I only have a few months to enjoy sprinting after only one child...

The three little girls at our gathering -- Cora, Vanessa, and Elizabeth, with the two mommies, me and Christina.

Everyone seemed very excited to welcome Elizabeth!

The two Elizabeths!

Liz brought a very special present -- stuffed letters spelling Elizabeth from when she was a child! Vanessa couldn't have been more excited about playing with the letters. I wonder if she'll object if I hang them up in Elizabeth's room!

I love the contrast in size between Elizabeth and Greg in this picture. If you look closely, you can see her little foot, smaller than Greg's thumb!

Vanessa and Nathan played pretty well together, considering their age difference (although, they only differ by about a year and a half!). Here they're playing with the lock box my mom made when I was Vanessa's age.

I think Vanessa might be turning off the piano while Nathan is playing it in this picture... but actually, they did a pretty good job of sharing in their piano playing.

Aunt Heather and Uncle Terry have been eagerly awaiting the time when they could come up and visit their new little niece! Elizabeth seems quite content to be held by Heather.

Fast asleep in Terry's arms!

We've had some opportunities to visit our local pool. Vanessa wasn't sure about the water at first, but now she absolutely loves the pool! Here she is with Heather and James. So far, Elizabeth hasn't seen the pool because she's napped in the stroller both times we took her.

A post about a visit from Aunt Heather wouldn't be complete without a goofy picture. I won't even try to explain exactly what we were up to.

A picture with Vanessa's Dee doll at 21 months.

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