Monday, June 09, 2008


Vanessa has been counting everything she can find lately. Elbows, crayons, everything. She can pretty consistently count to eight, and usually she can make it to nine and sometimes ten. We're very proud of Vanessa (too proud, sometimes?) and we think that it's great that she loves numbers! Counting does have its drawbacks, however. For one thing she leaves little piles of small countable things all over the house.

For another, time-outs don't seem to work anymore. Today I gave her a time-out for climbing on the back of a chair after I told her not to. I held her in one spot on the couch and counted to 60. She didn't resist my grip at all. After I finished, she put my hands back around her tummy and said, "More, more!" She wanted me to keep counting! Argh. Time for a new strategy.

I meant to post this picture of Vanessa in the bath with her boots, including a new pair that Heather and Terry got for her. She somehow managed to get both pairs in the water before her Uncle Terry and Aunt Heather could stop her. Vanessa does love boots!

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