Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last swim lesson (for a while)

Vanessa just finished the last session of her swim class last Friday. It's amazing how much Vanessa enjoyed the class, considering how very little she liked her classes at the beginning!

She had a blast this time. I can't wait for our community pool to open so that we can use it this summer. My mom will watch Vanessa while I teach in the mornings in July. Since my mom has taught swimming for years, maybe she could give Vanessa some private swim lessons! Who knows, maybe Vanessa will learn to blow bubbles underwater!

Vanessa loved this floating barbell toy. She liked to use it to push herself up out of the water a little. Sometimes she bicycled her legs! Too cute.

Mommy gives Vanessa a big kiss for doing such a great job!

This picture was from Vanessa's first swim class for comparison. Not happy at all. Poor Vanessa! It's amazing how much can change in just a month or so -- I'm so glad that Vanessa liked her swim class in the end.

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