Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Grandparents and spiders and meerkats, oh my!

Vanessa's Grandma and Grampa Kaylor and her Aunt Hannah visited last weekend. We celebrated Aunt Heather's birthday (a little late) in Fredericksburg.

Vanessa was a real trooper this weekend, as her parents wanted to see Spiderman 3 on Saturday, AND see my cousin Danielle in a high school production of Les Miz on Sunday. We wanted to go to Spiderman 3 with the Kaylors and Heather and Terry. Luckily Uncle Terry had already seen Spiderman 3, but didn't mind coming again to help watch Vanessa. So James, Terry, and I took turns taking Vanessa out of the theater. She spent some time in the theater, actually, but it was too loud for her, and she kept babbling loudly to compete!

Vanessa's Nana watched her for the 5 hours that James and I were away for the matinee of Les Miz on Sunday. It was our first date as just a couple since Vanessa was born! Nana did a great job keeping Vanessa happy, as always, and it was a wonderful break for us!
Grampa Kaylor carried Vanessa across most of Potomac Mills mall. It's a long mall and Vanessa is about 20 pounds, but he didn't complain.Aunt Hannah holds Vanessa while she chews on a Spiderman toy (don't worry, no small parts!).
Vanessa went to the zoo today for the first time. We went with 4 other moms and their little daughters. Maritza and Tess and Jessica and Revie are in the foreground. You can see Vanessa on the left. In the background are Kim and Grace and Nickie and Abigail.
In this picture, we were in the small mammal house. Vanessa might not have noticed the elephant, panda, and hippopotamus that we saw outside, because they were more than just a few feet away. But Vanessa definitely did notice the meerkats and the tamarins in the small mammal house! Both species were very active and visible close up.

Mommy and Vanessa pose in front of the orangutan. Can you find him? He is just above Vanessa's head in this picture.

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