Monday, April 02, 2007

A trip to Williamsburg

Vanessa went with us to Williamsburg this weekend to visit all kinds of family! She handled the drive to and from pretty well. She had a great time. She got to stay up late, sleep in, and explore lots of new territory inside and out.

Vanessa played with her new friend Abigail (10 months) on Friday before we left for Williamsburg. Abigail showed Vanessa a little bit of her crawling technique.
Vanessa with her daddy and Joanna. Vanessa loved Joanna's hair!
Vanessa and grampa just relaxing. They played lots and took some walks outside in the beautiful weather.

Uncle John helps Vanessa stand up.
Aunt Kalena's turn to hold Vanessa!
Uh-oh, Vanessa, Nana's got the giggles. What did you do now?
Uncle Brian gave Vanessa a little entertainment with her dinner.

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