Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oh so mobile!

Thank goodness we just got some child safety gates for the stairs, because Vanessa's mobility has dramatically increased this week! Her crawling no longer has a belly-flop component. I kind of miss the cuteness of the belly-flop, but I'm glad she doesn't practically knock the wind out of herself anymore!

I was talking with another mommy today about a particular crawling phenomenon. And that is, when you tell a baby to stay away from something, she'll turn around at you and grin, start breathing fast, and crawl off in the direction of the forbidden item just as fast as she can go! Vanessa demonstrated this for the first time today. Boy, I'm in for it now.
Vanessa's crawl is a pretty typical knees-and-hands kind of crawl now.
Vanessa is proud of her new crawling technique!
It was a beautiful day outside, and Vanessa and I went on a new kind of walk: I held her hand while she did the walking (no stroller involved!). After our rather short walk, we explored the back yard and Vanessa met the turtles made by her late great-great-grandma Edna.
And what are you supposed to be doing in your crib, my dear?

Vanessa likes to stand in her crib now instead of taking her naps. It helps to project her cries better so that she can make me more aware of the fact that she'd rather be playing, despite the fact that she's really tired. :)

Every time I figure out how to help Vanessa take her naps, she gets a little smarter and a little sneakier, and I have to develop a new strategy.
This week, I've determined that Vanessa likes to be put down twice for every nap. The first time, she wants to make sure one of her parents is still around, so she needs another hug and another song before going to sleep. Well, I think Daddy and I will always be happy to give you an extra hug, Vanessa!

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