Saturday, November 25, 2006

First Thanksgiving

Vanessa had a very busy first Thanksgiving! First we went to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Roger's house. I always enjoy this big get-together with my uncle's family. On Friday, we had another Thanksgiving meal with James's family, followed by some backyard football in the mud (Vanessa and I didn't play this time. Maybe in a few years.). The net result was lots of food, and lots of family.

My sister-in-law Jessica posted on her blog recently that the sudden loss of her uncle causes her to hold even more tightly to the family she has. Those sentiments affect me very much -- I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family, and each one of my family members is more important to me now than ever.
My cousin Kate shows Vanessa to her grandmother.

Fran has a brand new grandson to visit! Vanessa helps Fran warm up her baby-holding muscles.
Uncle Zak gets to hold Vanessa for the first time. Vanessa makes friends with Zak's girlfriend, Raven.
Molly was a little nervous in holding Vanessa, but she turned out to be great at it.

Jan was one of the first to hold Vanessa.
Uncle Roger was really glad that Vanessa made the trip out to the Shore.
Grandma holds Vanessa as she discovers the camera.
I think Vanessa looks a lot like her grampa in this picture.
Uncle Brian gets his hand held by Vanessa as she dozes in Joanna's arms after dinner on Friday.
OK, so Vanessa is looking away from the camera. Still, I think it's a great family picture.

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