Thursday, August 31, 2006

Labor details

So here are the gory labor details for those who are interested. Sarah got her pitocin dose done around 9:30 /10:00 AM. For those who don't know, pitocin is a medicine used to start or improve uterine contractions. A side effect of it though is that it makes those contractions much stronger than normal.

After not really showing any signs of labor, the doctor broke her water around 11:30 AM. Contractions started on 5 minute intervals after that. Eventually, Sarah gave birth at 4:14 PM without any narcotics, epidurals, or episiotomies. She did have a small tear that required some stitches, but other than that she was a real trooper. The doctors were amazed of how quickly her labor went and that she got her wish of au natural childbirth. Apparently it's really rare nowadays for a first time mother to do that. So many macho woman points to Sarah!

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Lisa said...

Way to go girl!! No narcotics? You are awesome.

Everybody at school was all excited when we got your email that Vanessa was here:) Hope you and baby are doing well.