Thursday, August 31, 2006

More pictures and time for bed

So two more pictures and then I need to get some sleep. Here is Vanessa in her little crib at the end of Sarah's bed in the recovery room. I think this is right after I changed her diaper for the first time. Not sure she likes the hat though I think it's cute... ;)
I've got some great video I'd like to put somewhere, but I need to figure out how to compress it first and then find some storage space. Problem for another day. Thanks for all the support guys!


Dede Goldman said...

Congratulations James and Sarah! It brings tears to my eyes to see the miracle of baby Vanessa! You guys are so blessed! Can't wait to finally meet her. Enjoy this special time of your life.

God bless your family.

Dede Goldman

Keith Walley said...

Congratulations to you and Sarah! Vanessa is a beautiful baby. From all your friends in at work, wishing you, Sarah, and Vanessa the most wonderful of times ahead.

May God Bless and watch over you all.

Keith Walley