Monday, November 24, 2008


I just wanted to post that Elizabeth discovered soccer today. I was holding her hands and helping her walk around a little when she brushed up against a ball and it rolled! Oooh, boy, she was excited! She chased that ball all around the house, moving with a sudden strength I didn't know she had. Then she ate the most I've ever seen her eat in one sitting for dinner. So I think we might have a budding soccer player in our midst.

One funny thing Vanessa said the other day was when she was trying to compare the sizes of her family members. She said "Daddy big, baby sister small, mommy dim." Haha! I'm like the medium setting on her light, I suppose. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Vanessa.

Oh, and if it wasn't confusing enough to understand what Vanessa is saying to me most of the time, now she's started making up pretend words! She'll just start saying, "Doppy, doppy, doppy." If I ask her if it's a made-up word, she'll say yes!

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