Monday, August 04, 2008

So many pictures, so little time...

Life is starting to get a little easier here at the Maxteds. Elizabeth has started sleeping from about 9PM to 5:30AM, which means a well-rested mommy! Thanks Elizabeth!

Of course, it's only the calm before the storm -- James is beginning to study for his prelims and we're both planning on taking two classes each this fall. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it...

Elizabeth is such a cozy cuddlebug. Even Vanessa gets a little drowsy sometimes when she cuddles with Elizabeth!

The next episode in Vanessa's lego saga is the construction of realistic items. She made a high chair! Then she had to go put it in her high chair to show how much it matched.

At Elizabeth's two-month check-up, she was 11 pounds 13 ounces, and 23 inches long. Elizabeth is getting very good at lots of things, including supporting herself partly when she's in a sitting position. Today, I think I heard her giggling at her toys for the first time. Here she is doing what she does best -- sleeping!

I got Vanessa a special balance bike as sort of an early birthday present. She liked it at first (and even liked wearing her helmet and knee-pads), but now she's being shy of it. Heck, she just moved to a toddler bed this week. That's probably enough big-kid stuff for a month! I think we'll try again with the bike sometime after her birthday.

The corn is getting so tall, and has ears! Vanessa still enjoys watering the plants, and loves eating the fresh broccoli and blueberries.

Now that Elizabeth travels a little better in the car, we've made a few longer car rides, like to my Aunt Teri and Uncle Bob's house this past weekend (pictures and details to be posted soon, I hope!) and to Heather and Terry's place the weekend before. Let me tell you, Vanessa LOVED visiting with Heather and Terry. What a great aunt and uncle -- they completely wore her out, and that's quite a feat considering Vanessa! Swinging high in the air like in this picture was only the tip of the iceburg. Vanessa also got to pretend to jump rope and to fence, and did so much running, jumping, and throwing that I think she improved her form on all three!

Here's a picture of Grampa with Elizabeth. I think he was gloating just ever so slightly on the phone to Nana. Elizabeth is, after all, a very cozy baby.

Vanessa is starting to try to dress and undress herself more and more. She put these sunglasses on all by herself.

I'm finally getting caught up enough on sleep and my to-do list that I and Elizabeth were actually able to accompany Daddy and Vanessa on one of their Saturday trips. On this particular day, it was to the Natural History Museum. Vanessa was fascinated by the enormous dinosaur skeletons.

She also liked the insect zoo. A girl after my own heart!

James's cousin Patricia was in town all the way from New Mexico. We had a great time chatting and playing with her! I very much enjoyed having someone to help entertain Vanessa around the house and on the playground.

Vanessa reads "Where the Wild Things Are" with Nana and me.

Elizabeth is getting even cuter as she gets bigger, I think!

By getting a hug from Geri, Elizabeth is officially welcomed to Nana's and Grampa's neighborhood.

Nana gets some quality cuddling time with Elizabeth.

Vanessa has been braver about getting wet lately, going in the big pool and the shower at the pool, and even, a moment before this picture was taken, pouring water on her own head!

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