Sunday, March 30, 2008

A busy March!

It's been a very busy month. In about two weeks, James and I are buying a new house, and selling our townhome! We're very excited about our new place. It has about a half acre of land, with a largely wooded back yard, and it's very close to an elementary school and middle school. It has four bedrooms and a roomy kitchen with a ton of natural light. We'll try to send all of you our new contact information as soon as we've moved in.

Our naming survey for Baby Number 2 is over. Sophia got the most votes, but we've decided on Elizabeth, which came in second. Sophia is still in the running for a middle name, though! We're really glad we did the survey, because it did help us sort through a few names (it was easier to eliminate Emily once we saw how few votes that name got, for example!) Thanks for helping name our new baby!

Vanessa is 19 months old tomorrow! Vanessa has been working on opposites. She practices running as fast as she can and then making baby steps as slowly as she can go. She (with a little help) turns on and off lights, saying "dark," and "bright," at least as best as she can say them. She has also learned the difference between big ("bih") and small ("mall"). This concept has helped her put together the puzzle of differently sized circles in this picture, for example.

Vanessa and Grace have been enjoying quite a bit of painting lately.

I finally decide to let Vanessa try out washable markers. If anything, I think they're slightly messier than paint! But she really does enjoy them. She especially likes to take the lids on and off (although, thank goodness, it's still pretty hard for her to take them off when they're on tightly).

Just another reason I love my new stroller! Vanessa now fairly consistently falls asleep in the stroller (or in the car if I'm out and about). Kids her age are supposed to go down for naps by themselves, I guess, but I've never gotten that to work. So, I'm really pleased that I've figured out a viable way to get a break every day, and a happier Vanessa in the evenings! On one day, both Vanessa and Maya took a nap, and I had a very nice break!

Vanessa enjoyed an egg hunt at her Nana and Grampa's house. She seemed to get the idea, actually.

Vanessa enjoyed the special cookies inside her Easter eggs. She might have enjoyed the hugs from her Nana and Grampa even more, though!

Nana and Grampa also watched Vanessa while James and I took a trip to New York City this weekend. James and I saw "Curtains" and "Avenue Q" on Broadway. Aside from all the laughing we had while watching both these comedies, we had a fantastic time taking our time at meals and sleeping in late in the morning. Vanessa, we love you and we missed you, but we did really like the break!

We were also excited to see Aunt Heather and Uncle Terry yesterday. We went to a nature center to see some animals (mostly snakes, frogs, and fish) and to play outside on the playground. I've never seen such a steep slide -- Vanessa flew out of the bottom so fast that it was a little tricky to catch her! She absolutely loved it, and loved playing with her aunt and uncle.

Our thoughts and hearts have been much occupied with my sister-in-law, Jessa. She's been through surgery and a great ordeal this past week. If you happen to be one of the 4 or 5 people who read this blog but not hers, please do visit and add your prayers and support to help her recover faster.

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