Monday, January 21, 2008

A trip to Texas

It's been a while since I've gotten to post, so I thought I'd update the blog this time. We realized that with our classes coming up, the fact that Vanessa will be 2 soon (and not free on airlines), and the new baby coming (that would restrict travel possibilities even more), it might be awhile before we see Sarah's brother Jake, his wife Jess, and their wonderful daughters Katelyn, Jadyn, and Bryn in Arlington, Texas. So we decided at the last minute to use some frequent flyer miles and go out and see them. We had a blast!

Here Jadyn and Bryn show Vanessa how to bounce on a trampoline. She didn't quite figure out the jumping part, but she loved to stomp her feet and chase her cousins around.
After the trampoline, Bryn decided to take Vanessa for a spin in her Power Wheels. To you worried parents out there, Mommy was just out of the picture to the right within grabbing distance.
Next (from left to right) Jess, Bryn, and Jadyn got to enjoy the seesaw. Vanessa really enjoyed pointing to indicate where she wanted people to sit.

Vanessa also got to play on a scooter that Sarah used when she was a kid.
After playing outside, Bryn, Vanessa, and Sarah settle down for a nice story.
Vanessa loved all the electronics at her cousins' house. Here her cousin Katelyn shows her how to draw on one electronic gizmo.
Daddy got into the action to and played Tennis on the Wii with Katelyn and Jake. He held his own in Tennis, Golf, and Bowling, but Katelyn beat him up pretty badly in Boxing.
Here Jadyn and Vanessa are just chilling in their kid size recliners.

The next day we went to the zoo, and Jake and Vanessa decided it would be cool to have shades on. This car trip was the longest I have ever seen Vanessa keep her glasses on. She was probably entranced by the story Jake was telling her.
Once at the zoo, Vanessa could hardly contain herself. Here she is directing Daddy to look at the flamingoes on the other side of the bridge.
Vanessa loved riding the train at the zoo with Katelyn and Daddy.
The rest of the Kaylor crew got in on the picture starting with Jess on the left, Jadyn up top, Bryn to her right, Katelyn to the right, and Daddy and Vanessa front and center.
Bryn and Vanessa got to pet animals. She was so excited.

Look how happy she is with her Uncle Jake!
Here is Vanessa mid sign for alligator. There was a statue of one right next to a tank with a real one that she really liked!
Here her Aunt Jess shows her how to feed the fish near the Giraffes and the Rhinos.
After the zoo, it was time to unwind by playing Elefun at home. Here a bunch of paper butterflies get propelled out of the tube onto the ground and you have to catch them with a net while falling. You can see a couple of ones hanging in midair.
Alright, so this isn't Texas, but Vanessa really wanted to give her opinion on troop movements in Axis and Allies at our strategy game night last Friday.

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