Friday, August 17, 2007

More signs

This blog is doubling as my scrapbook (it's so much easier than waiting for glue to dry!), so I end up using for a few things that are scrapbook material -- like vocabulary and developmental stuff. I thought it might be fun to try to keep a running list of Vanessa's signs as she learns them. Well at least until I get tired of keeping track.

So far, she signs consistently: all done, baby, ball, bird, bye-bye, cheese, dog, helicopter, milk, music, sleepy, and where.

And she has signed once or twice: alligator, bear, rhinoceros, and yogurt.

She really likes to dance to music, and she's getting pretty good at running around the living room and going up and down stairs.

My favorite new trick of Vanessa's is giving her stuffed animals a hug! And she's just been more snuggly in general, which is just wonderful. I especially love how much Vanessa needs hugs from Daddy!

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Anonymous said...

I thought she was signing ceiling fan?